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Trip to Milton Warmbloods, UK - August 2001

Riding Dickie

Buzz joining the fun

Trio in the field

With Fifi
With Fifi

Dickie in field

Sunday Lunch

Jumping Trio

And now on his own!

Selina with Nellee

Chris & Murph

Selina, Fifi & Buzz

Selina with the dogs

Daren & Raymond

Chris at Milton Cottage

Chris on Nellee
Chris riding Nellee

Dickie in his stable

Best Friends

Selina, Moss and Fly

Chris in Selina's horsebox

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Chris & blue skies

Chris & Buzz
Chris & Buzz

So small!

Buzz Lightyear

Cool Off Time

Having a good roll

Selina with Fifi

Buzz with the vet's dog

Chris & Pat at Milton Cottage

Getting Lunch!


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