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    Met me before? Know me well? Never met me in high heaven. Well, now you can. This website is dedicated to all those who have played a part in my life, shaping my experiences, making me who I am today. I invite you here to share these wonderful wonderful years of my life with me, and let us hope there are many more wonderful years to come.

    I start with my family. Mummy, thank you for being there always for me - you are my true kindred spirit and we have most definitely lived in a past life together (I wonder as who or what though!). Papa, thank you for being a cool dad - you really know how to chill out - thank you for teaching me how.

    Boy Boy, you've been a wonderful cousin, and I'm glad we have the chance now to be truly close. I wish you all the best inlife and hope we always stay close. Honey, you're wonderful too. Though half-way across the world in the States, you are never far from our thoughts back here.Grandma, we love you. Uncle Phillip, you remind me of the 7-up man, what's his name? We miss you too.

    Aunty and Uncle, Khar Mun and Khar Chit, these past few years have been great, to once again celebrate Chinese New Years together like a true Chinese family! Our family's not exactly large, but as the saying goes, "quality before quantity". And that we have.

    Chris my darling, I love you, so much. Thank you for sharing your world with me, there is so much out there for us to experience together, let's savour a lifetime moment by moment.

    And to all my friends throughout the years, those I still see and do things with, as well as those I have lost touch with. If you happen to be reading this, send an email to jenn@jennifer-too.com, I would love to hear what you've been up to!

    Li Leng you've been out of touch for so long, but thank you for those wonderful years we shared at Primary School, I am surprised they don't truly hate us, esp. Peg Jee *grin* (do you still have pony tails?). Nani, what's that club we had? Alena, you even ride with me nowadays!Cyrene, nice to see you from time to time when you are this part of the world.Mae Ching my singing partner. I didn't mean to let my dog on you! Sook Boh, standard four, or was it five?

    Then at Benenden, Rosie, my best friend at school, from our Splash walk to our tuck sessions, to the shaving cream in Jenny's slippers? Jenny, take care of Billie, how is that going? Nerine, sixth form was crazy with you around - we even got gated together? Caroline, our hot choc chats and Hyde Park hacks, just go easy on the vodka-oranges! And DON'T get married yet.

    Cambridge - Caius was fantastic. George, what would have happened if you'd swapped to law? Thanks for being a super friend, when's the wedding? Sam, you'll be the rich one, I wonder why? Stav, well I have to have a token lawyer friend, besides, I think the profession suits you *kidding*. Minal, my "clever" friend and Pukar, my mean friend - were you the one who coined the phrase "Blur Spice" for me??? Let's all go back to get our MA's together and have a big night out, for old time's sake.

    Ju-Ven, we had many good times together. Let's keep these memories and be good friends for the times to come. Good luck in everything you do. Sharon & Tom, Lyn & Richard, Howard, Hui Lu, Baboon, all my wonderful Uncles and Aunties, all my wonderful teachers, especially Mr Baylis, Dr Macpherson and Dr Baddeley, thank you.

    Johnny, Lisa, Daren, Nigel, Audrey, Joey, Weng Leong - party harder!

    Now that I have successfully mimicked the long, incomprehensible dedication notes on the sleeves of pop album covers, let me leave you to an unguided tour of my life in pictures. Enjoy!

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