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Keats said that... and I believe him. Beautiful things warm the heart and make them come alive. Here are some of the most beautiful verses on love, life, faith, devotion ever put in black and white. But they appear in color.

No Guru, No Method, No Teacher ~Van Morrisson.

The thing I like about London is that people don't give a fuck. I could drop dead on the street and I would just be stepped over..." ~Nick Cave.

Your eyes give me love, your arms give me strength, your skin moulds with mine; together we define chemistry ~Jennifer for Chris.

You are my wings,
You are my dream,
You're the food for my soul.

You are my song,
You are my king,
You're the heat when I'm cold.

You are my star,
You are the sun,
You're my youth when I'm old.

You're my laughter,
You're my moon,
You're the one I need to hold.

You make me whole,
You complete me,
You're my whole world.

~Jennifer for Chris.




Well we'll know it won't we? The stars will explode in the sky, but they don't, do they? Stars have their moment then they die," ~ INXS.


















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