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Dot-Com and Gone

"When there's a ton of water, a lot of things float and look like boats. When
there's a ton of money, a lot of things float and look like companies."
- David
Roux, co-founder of hi-tech buyout firm Silver Lake Partners.

"If it doesn't make cents, it doesn't make sense." - Fortune magazine, Oct

"The fundamental mistake the dot-coms made is they assumed that brand is
a thing in itself, separate from the products, and that it created value: 'Just
get me known, and all this other stuff will fall into place."
- Regis McKenna, on
putting the marketing cart ahead of the horse.

"Most of that advertising is not value creation. It's aimed at investors, to
keep the market value up."
- Regis McKenna.

On who will win the rush for the middle ground, the virtual companies seeking
physicality or the physical companies seeking virtualness: "Which do you think is
easier, learning e-business or learning to build a multi-billion dollar
- Jerry Useem, Fortune magazine.

The Internet Is Here to Stay

Harvard professor Clayton Christensen who popularized the term "disruptive
technology" when describing the Internet, now refines his view
, considering the
Interent not a disruptive technology per se, but
"an infrastructure that can
enable disruptive business models."

"[The Internet] is going to change the world. Just not in the way some
companies wanted it to."
- Phil Kaplan, creator of the notorious website

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