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Life Is Beautiful was exquisite. Even in a Nazi concentration camp, he keeps up his spirit, which ultimately saves both his wife and his little son.

Mother & daughter take a quiet midnight ride in the snow, Stepmom.

Frequency: they were so in love. Dancing in the kitchen in front of their son and his friend, who were both giggling. It was so sweet.

Titanic: One of the greatest love stories on screen of all time.

Papa and Stormy, our first horse. We got him as a five year old, he came to us as an ex-racehorse.

Stormy again.

Call me the hopeless romantic, but the films which always get me are those with a strong foundation of love.

In Hollow Man, I saw not the crazed Sebastian nor the funky invisible formula. I saw the love between Shue and Brolin's characters.

In Cruel Intentions, it was Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe who made the film for me. Every bit of their offscreen chemistry was translated to the silver screen.

In Stepmom, the love between children and their mother and how they have to learn to let go, but knowing deep inside she will always be with them... this scene was particularly touching - staying strong and having fun amidst difficult times...





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