Finger fresh from the wound

The finger fresh from the injury

I was so lucky, my vet Dr Siva was treating a horse just opposite my stables. He bandaged it for me on the spot so I wouldn't wreck my car with bloodstains while being driven to hospital. Thanks so much, Dr Siva!

Then when I got to the hospital, all the nurses at the emergency ward were so great. They were extremely sensitive to my queasiness at the sight of my severed finger, and attempted to convince me that life with a short little finger was not so bad. My mum was also great - she didn't panic and stayed with me the whole time.

Then the amazing hand and microsurgeon Dr Ranjit arrived, having been called on a Saturday evening away from dinner with his buddies to attend to a girl dumb enough to have her finger bitten off by her own horse! But he did a VERY good job at convincing me he could repair my pinky and make it look like a finger again.

The operation procedure would involve taking some flesh from my toe (to cover the exposed bone and replace the nailbed that was missing), and extending a V flap to cover the the top of the finger (called a V-Y flap in medical terminology).



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