Finger fresh from the wound

Just after the operation

My doctor was so cool, he played gaelic music in the operating theatre! I said "Excellent, I can fall asleep to soothing music while you repair my finger." Then realized that, hey, music that could put me into a slumber could do the same for the surgeon. Dr Ranjit assured me he was wide awake and would not doze off while stitching up my finger!

The anaesthesist was also superb. I had a local anesthetic, but he gave me a sedative, which put me to sleep for most of the operation. I didn't conk out immediately, so about 5 minutes into the operation, I thought "Uh uh, there's no way I'm going to lie awake through this", so I said "Hey, I'm not asleep yet, you wanna give me a bit more??" He did and I slept - very soundly. The only thing uncomfortable about the whole thing was the oxygen mask I had to wear; it really hampered my breathing!

Above is my finger all stitched up. Notice the lighter colored tissue - that's my toe flesh on my finger!



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