HI folks! This page is dedicated to my little finger. Here's how it happened. One rainy evening in March (13th March 1999 to be exact) I decide to go riding. I was feeling somewhat guilty about not riding "Just For Fun" (my second horse) in the morning, so I decide to face the rain. But silly me, when I get there, I forget that horses generally have sharp teeth, and sillier me, I decide to give Justy Boy a pat and a hug while he is being groomed.

He was ticklish, he bites when he tickles, my pinky was in the way. Bam! and the top of my finger was gone, blood was spurting everywhere.

So that's how I lost the top of my little finger. Below are some gory pictures, so those of you who cannot stomach the sight of blood, please click away now.

If you're still captivated by this charming little tale, move your mouse over the boxes below. To see the photos full size, double click!

The last one (captioned "Yuck !") was my toe under the knife. My second toe on my left foot had to donate some flesh to my little finger, to cover the exposed bone so that my fingernail could grow back again. He too is healing well now.

Thank You's

I would like to thank:

  • Dr Ranjit for being the best hand surgoen around and for your sense of humor. That really helps.
  • Dr Siva for stopping the bleeding and talking me out of my hysteria at the scene of the accident.
  • Mummy for sticking at my side throughout, taking me to and from the hospital.
  • Boy Boy for driving my car back home for me.
  • Pantai Medical Staff for understanding and tolerating my ever-so-sensitive finger and my low pain threshold.


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