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Chrisjenn Scooby (Max)
Jupiter Brown X Angelakenn Juno Brown
Born: 21st July 2002; Color: Gold; Sex: Male

Scooby now lives with Ian and his family in Kenny Hills! His pet name is "Max".
He's now best mates with their beagle, Toby.


Awaiting more photos from his new owners.


Jupiter Brown
Jessiekenn Truly Obedient Aspipi Coolmax Major
Cleo Kay
Hurley Chunky Dory Mal Ch Walt Elite Doggy Champ
Aspipi Jonimay
Juno Brown
Mal Ch Abelmann Magical Beau Aspipi Tamboaiko
Aspipi Uno Fine Show
Kinrara Rastina Jenolian Bens Best
Hurley Lancome

Meet Scooby's siblings: Starbucks, Growley Girl, Happy, Chester, Luckey, It's Springtime & Jumanji.
Or meet his parents: Juno his mum and Jupiter Brown his dad.

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