The Fearsome Foursome's Awards Page

Thank you ALL for these stunning awards. We are truly truly honored! We are even spilling onto our second page!!! Hey, and our THIRD page even! Thanks again!
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Amazing Site
Thank you, Elmo, for this award. It is our very first! 7th Oct 1997

Choice Award
Thanks, Cyber Codes! 8th Oct 1997

Thank you! 12th Oct 1997

Camilla's Hot Site Award

Thank You, Camilla! 25th Oct 1997

Cookie's Award for Excellence
Cookie's Award for Excellence

Thanks!!! 27th Oct 1997

Lace's Crazy Page Award

Thanks, Lace! Glad I found a fellow Eor-lover! 27th Oct 1997

Jimmy's Award

Thank you, Jimmy! Halloween 1997

Toaddly Award

Thanks a lot, Toaddly!!! 3rd Nov 1997

Jennifer's Award

Thanks, Jennifer!!! 5th Nov 1997

Thank you, Emily! 9th Nov 1997

Thanks, JC! We are honoured!!! 10th Nov 1997

George's Jungle Award

Wow... from the King of the Jungle. Thanks!!! 12th Nov 1997

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