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This is Plato, our pony. He is the offspring of Camelot, and loves to philosophize, hence his name. Adopt your own pony by clicking here

This is our beautiful unicorn. Haven't quite figured out her name yet, but she's here to add some magic to our pet playpen. Go here to adopt your own pet. They have a nice selection here

These are our gorgeous farm friends. Visit Debbie for a few of your own!

And here are some from the safari... Also from Debbie's

Wombat. Our new worm. Are you a fan of creepy crawlies? Go Here

These are our petrocks. Nameless as yet.
Adopt your own at Billy Bear's Page

Bob & Bettina. Our adorable pair of bagels.
And do they love each other!!! Go make your own bagel
Bob Bettina

Our Birds. Buddie, BooBoo and Fishface.
(Fishface?... uhh... don't ask why!)
These were from Sheriberry's Place

This is our darling Quoxy from the Jungle. Senoch's are adorable web creatures... and speak their very own language... have their own culture. They are actually quite quite fascinating. Click on Quoxy to adopt your own. Or go here to find out more about these creatures. Our adorable Senoch

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The Senoch
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is owned by the Fearsome Foursome's senoch!
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