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Jumping Trio, Premier Cup 2002.

Another Premier Cup pic.

With the mini KL Tower in the background.

Jumping Trio, S Yorkshire, UK.

More jumping...

With Trio in the line.

Loose jumping, UK.

Trio loose jumping
Showing off!

Trio posing for the camera
Posing in the indoor.

Chris and Trio with a shooting star
With Chris and a shooting star.

With Trio in UK
Letting Trio in the field.


"It's Trio"

My darling horse from the UK... he's like a little jumpin' bean. So fun to ride and a real sweetie.

Premier Cup at Kiara 2002
Our first show together, the Premier Cup 2002.

Our 2nd season together, pictured here at the Premier Cup 2003.

Premier Cup 2002 - Trio

More about Trio

Trio is a 15.2 hhs, 5 year old AES warmblood. His dad's the famous international showjumper "Irco Mena" and his mum's "It's Smartie", also a top jumper. Bred by Malcolm Pyrah in the UK, all his half sisters and brothers (and his mum too) are named after chocolates (in case you were wondering). There's "It's Wispagold", "It's Galaxy", "It's Smartie", "It's Dime" and more. And you'd never have guessed it but he was born a chestnut!

Where's he from?

Got him from Selina Cawkwell in South Yorkshire, UK. Went to try him for a week, made him do all sorts, loose jumping, flatwork, jumping, jumping sand patches... Chris was official videographer and got so bored he started making up songs to go with the videos (and singing them as he filmed). I'll put some soundclips on here when I figure out how!

Getting him to Malaysia

Once we decided he was the one (that was the easy part!) we had to bring him in. It was a nightmare! First, looking for flights, then looking for other horses to share a pallet with, getting through all the new requirements due to Foot-and-Mouth... After many many phonecalls to various people (vet, ministry, clearing agent, quarantine station) he finally arrived in October.

He's adjusted really well to the weather, and we've started to work and jump over here. Selina and her mum Pat came out to visit us to make sure they had gone to a good home and also to help me with them - we had a great time!

After our last round, Premier Cup 2002

"Tribs" or "Tribbiani" after Joey on Friends ~ Selina.

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