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  • Just For Fun - born 1982 - came to us 1992

    Cover Picture
    Looking gorgeous
    On the Cover of the
    National Horse Show 1994
    Official Programme
    If horses were people,
    he'd be a model!
    Bukit Kiara, 2000
    Trying JFF out in NZ
    Buying Trip.
    Trying Just For Fun out at Leanne's farm in NZ, 1992

    SPRC Show

    SPRC Show 1994
    Junior Open SJ Champion


    Clinic with Leanne Chambers
    Training with Leanne Chambers, 1993.
    From left: Me on Just For Fun, Norinne on Oddfellow, Siu Tin on Dolly

    Just For Fun
    Just For Fun
    So loveable
    In his polo club stable

    With JFF, 1995
    With JFF, Polo Club

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