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    We've always been dog people

    Jupey and I

    Above: Jupey and I

    Jupey and Spunky the Beanie Baby

    Above: Jupey and Spunky the Beanie Baby

    Jupiter Brown and Pooh Bear Jupiter Brown and Sesame (his brother)

    Above Left: Our darling Jupiter Brown biting Pooh
    Above Right: Jupey with his brother, Sesame.

    Jupiter Brown and Pooh Bear Awww... Those Eyes!

    Above Left: What??
    Above Right: Look at those eyes!

    Orlando, Emily & Caroline

    Above: Chris' Orlando, Emily & Caroline

    Jupey asleep

    Above: Jupes fast asleep (8 weeks old)

    Jupes and his bowl Tug O War Tug O War

    Above Left: Jupey at eleven weeks
    Above Center: Tug O War
    Above Right: Jupey at seven weeks


    Above: Jupes and Ceci

    Saddam Hussein

    Above: Saddam Hussein, our loveable Alsation cross.

    Joey posing with Mummy's book

    Above: Joey posing with Mummy's book.

    Father and son having a lazy afternoon

    Above: Father and son having a lazy afternoon

    With Cherry, my true soulmate
    Cherry was my best friend
    in my primary school years.
    She passed away in 1988
    Phaedra, as a puppy.
    She was so adorable.
    She passed away in 1996.

    With Phaedra as a puppy
    With Prince
    Darling Phaedra - was Mummy to the beautiful pups below!
    With Prince. (I was nine).

    With the puppies
    With Joey & the pups
    A basketful of puppies!
    Awww... what a proud father!

    The Joey Family
    Joey & Phaedra and their puppies Winnie, Juice & Saddam

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