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  • MUMMY - Lillian Too

    With Mummy
    At home with Mummy

    Mummy and Me Professional Shot of Mummy, Me and our Snow Leopard
    Mummy & Me in front of our house way back in 1977 Posing with Mummy in HK for one of her publicity shots

    Mummy & I in HK
    Mummy with Saddam & Juice
    Mummy & I in HK
    Mummy with Saddam & Juice

    Mummy In Blue
    Mummy looking stunning in her skyblue ballgown

    Mummy in a cheong sam & baseball hat
    Mummy in Milano
    At a Yamaha function - Hong Leong days
    Glamour in Hong Kong - 1987

    Mummy & me in Greece
    Mummy & I - with the ruins, 1981

    Mummy & me in Greece
    Mummy & me in Greece
    Mummy & me in Greece
    On Stormy,
    Polo Club 1991
    Chatting with Dr Mahathir,
    Country Heights 1991
    On Jackson,
    Bukit Kiara 1991

    Mummy in Italy
    "No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings"
    - William Blake

    Mummy learning to fly
    Mummy had a taste for thrills

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