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  • "The chip. The British contribution to world cuisine." -- from A Fish Called Wanda

    BENENDEN DAYS - High School, 1989-1995


    6th Form Benners

    From the left: Isla Rosser-Owen (in white), Me, Caryn Alburry, Rohani Omar, Ee-Lyn Toh, Li-Wan Phng, Danielle & Hilary Low.

    6th Form Benners

    From the left: Me, Caryn Alburry, Rosie Cox, Emma Robinson, Sarah Jones & Yukiko Kawaguchi.

    UPPER FOURTHS - in Camber

    Upper Fourth at Benners

    From the left: Vanessa Kirke-Smith, Lukey Hutton, Amy Wickham, Ari Philippoussis & me

    With Li-Wan
    Rosie & I
    Li-Wan and I - Upper Fifths
    With Rosie, my best friend in school

    Camber 1989
    Gemma Shearman
    Georgie Miller
    Me, Anna, Vanessa, Hannah, Georgie, Zanna & Amy
    Georgie - with a chair???
    Gemma being scary

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