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    Posing for an article on Book of Bouquets
    Publicity Shots for Mummy's books
    For Book of Bouquets article
    With my mum's Feng Shui books

    At Home in KL

    In white

    With the parrots and chef at Arcadia, London

    Posing with the parrots

    Sleep All Day. Party All Night. Never Grow Old. Never Die. It's Fun to be a Vampire.
    - The Lost Boys

    Heh heh
    Jennifer the Good Witch
    Lights, Camera, Action
    Don't take me seriously!
    Jennifer the Good Witch
    Halloween, 1996

    Speaking to Prime PES Students
    On the phone
    Telling some Prime College students about student life in the UK
    Alexa Court
    London, June 1996

    Family Portrait, Vail 1995

    Family Portrait, Vail 1995

    Visiting Cambridge the summer before I started there
    With Sharon, London
    Visiting Cambridge the summer before I started there.
    With Sharon in London

    Posing with a Ferrari with Sharon
    Sharon and I with a Ferrari

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