New Streisand Single to hit the stores June 22nd
The song Sreisand sang to her husband James Brolin at their wedding, ""I've Dreamed Of You" is to be released as a single (CD only), before the release of her full-length album "A Love Like Ours" later this year. We cannot wait.

OFFICIAL: Barbra Streisand Millenium Eve Concert at MGM Grand, Las Vegas
Following months of rumors, Barbra Streisand's manager Marty Erlichman gave out a press release announcing that the deal had been confirmed and that she would be performing at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas. The long build-up and a statement suggesting that this may be her last ever live performance fuelled ticket sales, making live concert box office records. People like myself of course hope she will perform again, seeing as I cannot make it to the millenium concert. I wish all you lucky people out there a fantasic new year's eve and I can't wait till the concert makes it out out on video. I know I'm buying it! Click here to book your tickets now!

Barbra to film Mame
In what will be its costliest TV movie ever, ABC is teaming up with Barbra Streisand to turn the Jerry Herman musical ``Mame'' into a three-hour film for next season. It is not confirmed yet, but it seems to hinge upon the script. We hope Barbra will star as well as direct, which is possible, given that the lead was written for a star of her calibre. Fingers crossed. Click here for Yahoo article.


Top Ten Signs You're In Love with Barbra Streisand
10. You see all of history as being divided into two main periods: pre-yentl and post-Yentl.
9. You refuse to buy People magazine because you think they ripped off the title from her song.
8. You're in federal prison for gluing a giant wig and fake nose onto the head of the Lincoln Memorial.
7. You come to after a huge natural gas explosion and say, "forget about me, how's Barbra Streisand?".
6. By dating her you risk destroying your marriage and your presidency.
5. You spend hours in bookstores crossing "Einstein" out of science books and writing in "Streisand".
4. Two words: restraining order.
3. The "funny lady" tattoo on your ass.
2. You write her long rambling letters about your new CBS talk show.
1. You are Barbra Streisand.
Taken from the Dave Letterman Top Ten Lists. Thank You!


What better for a computer nerd Barbra fan to give his/her computer than a totally Barbra desktop theme! The wallpaper is a mosaic of some of her album sleeve covers, and the icons are very good.

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