Fan Sites

Barbra Photos - in an organized list. Great site!
BJSWeb - Lots of stuff here
Welcome To The Golden Years - Great Links which are very well categorized
The Broadway Singer - also in Spanish. Cool guestbook.
I Love Barbra Catalog - Check it out
The Ultimate Barbra Streisand Experience
Barbra Streisand - A collection of most of her albums - including soundclip samples
The Streisand Project - Cool photos of some of her older movies
The Barbra Streisand FAQs - A "Frequently Asked Questions" Reference Source
She is Film, She is Song, She is Barbra Streisand
The Barb Thing - Includes a collection of pencil drawings of the diva
On a Clear Day Jukebox - A great collection of Barbra Midis
Barbra Streisand Stuff - Photos, Streisand movie parodies, links and much more
The BABS club website
The Barbra Streisand Music Guide - Up-to-date news on her music
Yentl: 15 Years - The film about the "Yeshiva Boy"
Daisy Gamble's Barbra Page - Her concert, complete with sound files. Also a desktop theme.

Got a Sense of Humor?

Driveways of the Rich & Famous - at Barbra's home
The Irreverent Guide to Barbra Streisand - The author of this site must really like her, or why would he/she bother?
Barbra Streisand Impersonators - if you can't get the real thing

Commercial Sites

Ticket & Tour Schedule - Check here for Barbra tour dates and ticket booking
Celebrity Cellars - A novelty gift idea?
The Official Barbra Streisand Site
The Mirror Has Two Faces - Official Sony Entertainment Site
Movieweb's The Mirror Has Two Faces site - Description, Main Cast and Movie Stills
Mr Showbiz - on Barbra Streisand
Rosie O'Donnell - Barbra Streisand on Rosie!
The Barbra Reunions - Fans come together to enjoy screenings of old Streisand movies, chats and more
www.barbra-streisand.com - Columbian Records' site for Streisand

Newsletters & Magazines & Organizations

Australian Barbra Streisand Association - Australian Streisand News and more
The Jewish Student Online Research Centre - A great write-up on Streisand
The Barbra File - A Monthly Newsletter
Just Like Buttah - Barbra Streisand Fan Magazine
The Barbra Reunions - Join other fans in celebrating Barbra Streisand
The Barbra Streisand Webring Homepage - Add your Barbra site to the ring here

Music Sites

Music Boulevard - a page full of Barbra albums
Tunes.com - on Barbra
Piano Pal - on Barbra


Speaking Streisand - From The Barbra File. Great Yiddish quotes by Barbra.
Delphi Chat - What's Up Doc?
Exeter Festival - Fake Barbra concert for those of us who can't afford her recent ticket prices
The Jason Gould Picture Gallery - Barbra Streisand's son
Is this a match made in heaven? - Streisand and Brolin's astrological love chart
Barbra the Environmentalist
Mr Showbiz - Barbra Streisand News Stories
Hollywood Online - Movie Talk Interview (ra or wm format available)

Streisand & Politics

Barbra Streisand on AOL - Vote Democrat she says. And they did.
Online Journalism Review - Barbra Streisand Campaigns Online

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